This month we’re embracing #change at Crown Rules, and nothing changes more for me than my hair.

Women’s hair is a contentious subject. Even now, when a celebrity with previously long (and traditionally feminine) hair chops it off, it’ll make the headlines. Why do we care so much what women do with their hair?

I get why women care – it’s a part of our aesthetic, our identity. My hair is talking for me before I have to (which usually isn’t long after someone comments on my hair).

But everyone else: leave it alone.

Don’t touch someone’s afro. Don’t tell a girl she “looks like a boy”, like it’s a bad thing. And don’t tell us “you’ll really regret that haircut when you’re older”. What a stupid thing to say. I’m here right now and I want to look how I want. And right now that means a partially shaved head. If my older self decides she wants long hair (unlikely) or she wants a pink modican (highly likely), then that’s her call.

If you’re considering getting a bold, short haircut I couldn’t be more on board. I LOVE a woman with a short haircut. I’ve rocked one for most of my adult life and feel empowered everyday because of it. Get those cheekbones out girls. Show them your best fierce face.

Here are seven kick-ass short haircuts we think you should try right now.

1: The bowl cut.

#bowlcut by @harry271287 at our #solihull #salon using @bedheadbytigi #bedhead #shorthair #bebadapple

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3: Bald and bold.

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4: Mohican-me-crazy.

Root stretch by #VoodouChloe @chloeewart1 🤘🏼 Call us through our bio to book your free consultation!

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5: Dyed to fuck.

6: Angular.

7: The Tilda.

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What does your Queenly haircut look like?

Share it with us on Instagram with the #Queenhair, don’t forget to @thecrownrules! Here’s Queen Ruth for some inspo –