Last week, I focused on the lessons found from failing. This week, I’d like to focus my energies on celebrating when you get something right. And the thing I can proudly say I got right this week was (drum roll please*) reading music.

Reading music; a lot easier than learning French

Crammed into my usual spot in the studio, Dave opens the music book up and starts to talk through what we’re about to learn. I am listening, but in my head i’m saying; “I understand what you’re saying, I just can’t see it in front of me.”

Dave draws me a diagram that looks vaguely like this – thanks to Drumeo for the diagram.

Click. I get it. I look at the sheet of music in front of me, look at my kit and then do something I haven’t done before. I play on my own. Throughout every other lesson Dave has had to play with me, save me making a high pitched squealing sound. Disaster loves company. But now, I get what’s in front of me, and after half a Peroni I’ve stopped caring if I look stupid doing it.

I read in my head and count out loud. 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. My arms do what my brain tells it. It’s a coordination miracle. Now that I understand the music in front of me, I’m suddenly able to play three beats that had previously eluded me.

The Merseybeat, Superstition and The Seed 2.0 are now three distinct beats in my head I can transition between without confusion.

I practice at home. It feels so good to get it right. The next time I hear Superstition in public I immediately shout at the top of my voice; “I can play this beat!.” Like a five year old.

Celebrate getting it right

Women, as a whole, are significantly less likely to acknowledge their achievements. We’re crap at standing up and saying “I did that!”. Taking ownership of our achievements is a big deal. As per usual, Feminist Fight Club have a handy tweet to sum up my point –

If you feel you did a good job, acknowledge it, own it and shout about it. Even if it’s just to yourself – it will change how you think about yourself.

So this is me celebrating getting something right. And i’ve always wanted to be able to read music and now I can. That’s only happened because I made it happened.

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*I’ve been waiting six weeks to use that line.