It seems that every high street brand is plastering the word ‘feminist’ across a T-shirt or mug in order to get in on the fourth wave of feminism. Topshop and Urban Outfitters, I’m quite fond of you both – but I find it a hard pill to swallow when I know you both exploit women in the third world. Feminist you are far from.

However, there are some genuine fighters of the patriarchy who are making the world a better place for women – and they make some pretty nice kit. Feminist fashion doesn’t have to be flash in the pan. It can help others, be genuine and look badass in the process.

Wear your pin proudly on your vegan jacket, drink jasmine tea from your slogan mug and tote your cause across town in these fabulous new additions to your wardrobe.

Feminist Apparel

Feminist Apparel offer a shed-load of excellent gender-role-smashing stuff. They are an independent, feminist clothing company based in Philadelphia. According to their site, they believe in spreading feminism through inclusivity, positivity, and open dialogue. Totally on board, give me a t-shirt now.

Queen R’s fave – Feminist is not a dirty word T-shirt

Sour Cherry

Sour Cherry are a Sheffield-based pair of lasses that create witty and eye-catching jewelry for the modern feminist. I’ve got my very own hairy legs pin, and wear it proudly most days to work. Wear your cause on any preferred body part; they design necklaces, earrings, rings and pins.

Queen R’s fave – Hairy legs pin

Fawcett Society

Fawcett is the UK’s leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights – all of the sales from their online shop go towards their charitable efforts. Take your ‘Bloody difficult woman’ mug into your next meeting and defy someone to interrupt you.

Queen R’s faves – Bloody difficult woman mug and Anatomy is not destiny tea towel

Rosa – the UK fund for women and girls

Rosa is a charitable fund set up to support initiatives that benefit women and girls across the UK. Their work is pretty exemplary – and their merch is pretty badass to boot. By buying one of their items you’re directly helping women in England. Not only that, but you can add to your now towering collection of feminist mugs.

Queen R’s fave – Yes she can mug

News from Nowhere

To those of you living outside of Liverpool, you may not have had the pleasure of being introduced to one of the UK’s best independent book shops. I have got so much love for News from Nowhere. They’re run by a bunch of fabulous women, have one of the most extensive women’s lit sections in any shop ever and they give regular cups of tea to the Big Issue seller outside the shop. Improve your life everyday and shop locally; adorn your mind with some radical words from News from Nowhere.

Queen R’s faves – Their whole poetry section and their entire women’s lit section


Oeuf’s selection of enviable kid’s clothes is sure to inspire the next generation of feminists. Type in ‘crown’ into Oeuf’s site and you’re greeted with a discerning range of crowns for kids with cash. My only question is; why isn’t their an adult’s version? More importantly, their products are fair trade and made by some Bolivian Big Babes – support your fellow sister and buy a crown. Even if you don’t have a kid, buy one anyway, put it on your dog.

Queen R’s fave – Feminist Crown


Wildfang’s clothing and accessories has more attitude than a self-aware five year old feminist. Each and every item almost seems to snarl at you from the screen, my god do I want that tote bag. It’s like Rocky Horror met The Women’s March. Their clothes also go towards helping out fellow women – what’s not to love?

Queen R’s faves – What would Beyonce do desk sign and Snarl Tote bag


Thinx’s line of women-friendly clothing runs on a radical idea; what if your underwear was designed specifically for your period? Thinx are ‘period panties for women’. Check out their How it works page to get a clearer idea of the science behind the revolution.

Queen R’s faves – The hip hugger panties

Who are your favourite feminist brands?

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