Wear your crown and rule

We believe that when two friends work together anything is possible, and Crown Rules is testimony to that belief. This is a space to make you feel better; better about yourself, our world and the power people have to affect positive change. Our words are here to uplift, empower and inspire.

And we highly recommend you wear a crown while you’re here. A crown on your head isn’t just a great accessory. It’s there as a reminder that you’re the Queen of you. Queen of your thoughts, Queen of your ideas, Queen of your future.

So, what are you going to be reading about while wearing your crown? Well this lovely lot, actually –

Green Queen

Lead a more eco-aware existence with Green Queen. A sustainable life doesn’t have to be a restrictive one, and Green Queen celebrates the everyday actions you can take to make our planet a better place. We’ll also discuss how we tackle green issues in our own lives, from littering to zero-waste shopping.


Feel empowered and inspired by Sheroes. This category highlights Big Babes (inspiring women), debates prominent feminist issues, and discusses how you can live a more empowered life every day. We’ll also debunk common myths around feminism and make the movement feel more welcoming to all – especially men.

Girl Boss

Every Queen has gotta work. Girl Boss gives you top advice on how to get a promotion, how to deal with difficult colleagues, how to get your dream job and introduce you to some inspiring, hard-working Babes. Work it, Queen!

Inner Goddess

Understand yourself better with Inner Goddess. Get career advice, tips on self-improvement and guides on how to feel your best self. We take in everything from personal style to mental health to friendship. Inner Goddess is a bubble bath of stories just for you – light some candles and have some ‘you’ time.