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Want to see your words on our site? No problem. Become a Queen Regent for Crown Rules and we’ll happily put your name on your fabulous words. Abigail Inglis and Gemma Curtis have already done it – and we loved what they made. Join them in our Royal Court.

Submission Guidelines

If you think you’ve got a story that’s right for us, then please follow these guidelines below – it makes it easier for us editing and for you writing.

  • Articles need to fit into one of our four categories; Green Queen, Sheroes, Girl BossInner Goddess. Read our manifesto to find out a bit more about each one.
  • Pitch us your idea in a few sentences – don’t rock up with a full article. That’s a waste of your time if it’s not a good fit for us.
  • Articles can be anywhere between 500 – 2000 words long.
  • Videos are also welcome; if they’re about 5 – 10 minutes long that’s great.
  • Images used need to either be copyright free or belong to you.
  • We’re a positive space – no hate mongering.
  • Expect to be edited – darlings will be killed.
  • Send your submissions to crownrulesblog@gmail.com


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