Since its been so long since myself and Queen Olivia spoke to you all, we thought it would be best to give you guys an update on our lives. We stopped Crown Rules in June 2015 and since then we’ve done some stuff. Some serious stuff.

When you write down all of the things that have happened to you in a year, you suddenly realise one of two things;

  1. Man, that year was pretty damn good.
  2. Man, life was pretty shit that year.

Of course, life is usually a mixture of both, but I’m more than happy to agree that my last year has been one full of positives, with, sadly, a few significant tragedies – here’s why.

Got a new job.

Getting a new job is often a fairly major life event as you spend over 92,000 hours working over the course of a lifetime. If you’re in a privileged enough position to choose what your job looks like, then I’d say it’s fairly important to get the fundamentals right. I like the people I work with, I do something I love (and get paid for it), and I get to have a laugh whilst doing it. I am so fortunate to do what I do. And every time I suggest an idea with Zombies, no matter how inappropriate the context, this is often the first idea that comes to my mind.

Got a rescue dog.

This happened a little before we stopped the blog, back in January actually. But he’s a dog, and they’re great, so here we are. Finn is a Lurcher/Labb cross and makes getting up at 06:30 every morning that bit more bearable. I’m almost convinced he loves me as much as he loves the ball I spend perpetually throwing for him. He’s like the perfect date; he enjoys long walks on the beach, is a great listener and often leaves ‘gifts’ where you aren’t expecting them.

Got a new boyfriend.

I’m often hesitant to write about my boyfriends, as it often feels like something I’ll look back on in the future and think “That guy was an asshole, why was I so nice about him?”. I’m learning not to censor myself so much, as all I end up thinking is “I felt that at the time, why didn’t I write about it?”. To be honest, it would be impossible to write about this last year without mentioning Charlie. We live together. We’ve cried together. We’ve laughed a lot together. Charlie (as I often remind you in the middle of the night when you’re trying to sleep) you are it. Don’t do something to make me delete this paragraph.

Put on some theatre.

Outside of work and the blog I create some theatre with a bunch of fools called Writers LABB. This year we put on a night called Mad As Hell. You can read all about it on our site. Gemma, Joel, and Steph – and all the actors who helped us create that night – thank you. LABB is a constant reminder that your friends are often the best source of inspiration. Personal projects so often feed into your professional work in ways you’re not even aware. And it’s always been LABB that has helped and supported some of my better ideas. You’re the best.

Got some bad-ass haircuts.

For some reason, women’s hair still makes the fucking news – so I thought I’d add to the plethora of unending news items by talking about my own hair. I got a fringe. I shaved my head. I, at times, looked just like an extra from Sum 41’s Fat Lip video. It was glorious.

Did some guest lecturing.

I love standing up in front of people having a chat about some things I think I know, and the last year has seen me talking to students at my old University, LJMU. Thanks to a bond I still share with my lovely ex-lecturer Sarah, I was able to get up and convince students that they should come work with me on an internship – and get paid to do it. I’ve now done three lectures at LJMU and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. Please have me back – I’ve got this whole outfit planned.

Went to Berlin.

The aforementioned Charlie was smart enough to take me to a city he thought I would love – Berlin. Turns out he was more than right, and on the journey on the way back I instantly started Googling house prices in berlin. It’s slightly out of our range for now – but holy shit it was a great place. Awesome food, incredible street fashion, amazing bars and more craft beer than you can shake a stick at. Berlin, I confess my undying love for you.

Interviewed one of my personal heroines.

As you’ll see in the coming months in our Sheroes posts, I love having a chat with an inspirational woman. One of my all-time favourite Big Babes is Cindy Gallop and, for some unknown reason, she agreed to Skype me and talk about why she’s so great, and how I might emulate her in everyway. Read the post and marvel in her awesomeness.

Sadly, lost some great people.

Alongside all this great stuff there was, of course, some bad stuff. Sadly, both my best friend and boyfriend lost their Mums. The impact of them not being in our lives will always be felt. Mama Martakis and Caroline Bear you are, and will always be, missed. Both of you raised incredible people that I am lucky enough to have in my life today. A glass is thoroughly raised to both of you.

Got another dog!

Out of the sadness of losing Charlie’s Mum, we gained a rather fabulous new family member; Dobby. Finn couldn’t be happier with his new companion, and neither could we. Welcome to The Fam, Dobby Lashmar.

That’s what my major life events have looked like this past year. Take a look at Queen Liv’s year in review – she did even more serious stuff. Across the globe.